About Us

What We Do

WISP stands for Wireless Internet Service Provider. We provide wireless Internet and telecommunications services for customers in locations where traditional wire-line services are unavailable, or in situations where connectivity is required for short term needs or specific events.

Who We Are

WISPs are traditionally small or medium sized enterprises that operate in a specific region. WISPs are owned by, operated by, and employ members of your community.

Most WISPs have been in operation for over a decade, since the inception of wireless Internet communications.

Uniquely Ready

Because we are established in rural communities, we already have the presence, experience, and ability to deliver expedited broadband services to rural customers.

Our Goals

Because of our size and regional nature, individual WISPs' voices are not heard in matters of legislation, regulation, and government policy.

By joining together as The Association of Wireless Internet Service Providers of Canada, we seek to achieve recognition and consideration in these important matters.

Founded in 2009 by:

Rick Ross
SwitchWorks Technologies, Inc.

Mike Manvell
Director, Telecommunications Infrastructure
SwitchWorks Technologies, Inc.